Une collection aux contours diablement graphiques
Son noguera-whynotjustine


«Un hommage au savoir-faire des Majorquins»
Son noguera-whynotjustine

Martinez Lierah

«Marrying the improbable and finding beauty in the odd is part of their design idelology»


Claudia Gamba

«Future's memories»


L'élégance du sur mesure
TUNIS Tunisie-Tunis-whynotjustine-5

I am for a week in Tunisia (finally get some rest!). What better way to start with an little “City Guide” of the capital : Tunis? The current atmosphere is really weird in one side you can see tanks, soldiers … and in the other side the strange serenity of the inhabitants. What a striking contrast!


What you shouldn’t miss :


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SUMMER TIME BrowserPreview_tmp-3

It’s time for holidays! I’ve been waiting that for (almost) two years now! I can’t believe I’m finally going to Tunisia :)


Can’t to show you a lot of stuff and in few days a lot of surprises for you ♡


H&M Swimsuit

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WHAT’S GOING ON? Guadeloupe

Hi beauties! I havn’t published for a long time because my little world has been kind of upside down since the end of June! Getting my exams, a new job, end of the studies… NEW LIFE :D YEAH


A lot of nice things are coming on the blog: a blogger  night tomorrow with Maripraia, a contest Son Noguera, a trip to Tunisia, new Caudalie’s products to discover, cool sunglasses from Polette and OVER ALL: new stuff in my closet.


IN SUM we won’t get bored!


Photo taken when I was in Guadeloupe

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Martinez Lierah Martinez-Lierah-whynotjustine-why-not-justine-2

Do you want structured and minimalist pieces? You will probably love the creations of Daniel Lierah and Arturo Martinez.


Their latest collection (AW13) reflected the guideline of a balanced blend between structure and fluidity.


The pieces are perfectly minimalistic

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